Denver Skyscrapers


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The Curtis photo The Curtis 350 ft. 30 1974

The Curtis, also known as the Executive Tower, is a 350ft (107m) tall skyscraper in Denver, Colorado. It was completed in 1974 and has 30 floors. It is the 31st tallest building in the city. The Curtis Hotel became a member of the Hilton family on January 5th, 2010. It is now called The Curtis-A Doubletree Hotel.

1600 Broadway photo 1600 Broadway 352 ft. 26 1972

1600 Broadway (also known as the Colorado State Bank Building) is a high-rise in Denver, Colorado in the United States. The tower stands at a height of 352 feet (107 m), with 26 floors. It was completed in 1972. Upon completion, 1600 Broadway stood as the seventh-tallest building in Denver. Today, it stands as the 30th-tallest building in Denver. 1600 Broadway is the headquarters for the Colorado State Bank.

United Western Financial Center photo United Western Financial Center 357 ft. 24 1961

United Western Financial Center is a 357ft (109m) tall skyscraper in Denver, Colorado. It was completed in 1961 and has 24 floors. It is the 28th tallest building in Denver.

Bank One Tower photo Bank One Tower 363 ft. 25 1980

1125 17th Street is a 363 ft (111 m) tall skyscraper in Denver, Colorado. It was completed in 1980 and has 25 floors. It is the 27th tallest building in Denver. The building was formerly known as the Bank One Tower. When JPMorgan Chase and Bank One merged, the building's name changed to the Chase Tower. Now, according to the building's web site, the building's name is simply 1125 17th Street.

Lincoln Center photo Lincoln Center 366 ft. 30 1972

Lincoln Center is a 366 feet (112 m) tall skyscraper in Denver, Colorado. It was completed in 1972 and has 30 floors. According to, it is the 26th tallest building in Denver..

Denver Financial Center photo Denver Financial Center 374 ft. 32 1981

Denver Financial Center is a 374 feet (114 m) tall skyscraper in Denver, Colorado. Built in 1981 as the Mellon Financial Center, the tower has 32 floors. It is the 23nd tallest building in Denver.

1600 Glenarm Place photo 1600 Glenarm Place 383 ft. 32 1967

1600 Glenarm Place is a 384 ft (117m) tall skyscraper in Denver, Colorado. Completed in 1967 as the Security Life Building, is has 32 floors. It was converted from office to residential use in 2006, and has 330 units. It is the 21st tallest building in Denver.

Dominion Plaza photo Dominion Plaza 384 ft. 28 1982

Dominion Plaza is an office complex in Denver, Colorado. It consists of two adjoining towers, and was built in 1982. The taller one, Dominion Plaza South, is 384 feet (117 m) tall and has 28 floors. The buildings have pink granite facades and blue-tinted windows.

US Bank Tower photo US Bank Tower 389 ft. 26 1975

The US Bank Tower is a 389ft (119m) tall skyscraper in Denver, Colorado. It was completed in 1975 and has 26 floors. Minoru Yamasaki & Associates designed the building and it is the 19th tallest in Denver. Its facade is clad in white marble with tinted glass.

Johns Manville Plaza photo Johns Manville Plaza 404 ft. 29 1978

Johns Manville Plaza is a 404-foot-tall skyscraper (123 m) in Denver, Colorado. It was completed in 1978 and has 29 floors. The building was designed by Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum, owned by Crescent Real Estate Equities Company, and is the 16th tallest building in Denver. Reflective solar glass windows alternating with 5-foot-wide columns (1.5 m) makes up the outer walls. A plaza, basement, and loading dock are shared with 707 17th Street.

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