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The Ames Building is a skyscraper located in Boston, Massachusetts. It is sometimes ranked as the tallest building in Boston from its completion in 1893 until 1915, when the Custom House Tower was built. However, the building was never the tallest structure in Boston. The steeple of the Church of the Covenant, completed in 1867, was much taller than the Ames Building. Due to church steeples having been included in building heights, the Ames Building was never the official tallest building in the city. Nevertheless, it is considered to be Boston's first skyscraper. Located at 1 Court Street and Washington Mall in downtown Boston, the Ames Building was designed by the architectural firm of Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge in Richardsonian Romanesque and paid for by Frederick L. Ames. It is the second tallest masonry load bearing-wall structure in the world, exceeded only by the Monadnock Building in Chicago, completed that same year. It is thirteen stories high with a three-story granite base and sandstone and brick walls. The sandstone is from the Berea formation in Ohio and was supplied by Cleveland Quarries Company.

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