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Height453 feet

About ABN AMRO Plaza

ABN AMRO Plaza is an office building located in the West Loop area of Chicago, Illinois, United States. ABN AMRO, parent company of Chicago financial institution LaSalle Bank owns and operates the building. To the east sits Citicorp Center building and to the south, residential-complex of Presidential Towers. In the base of the building, there is a LaSalle Bank branch, a Starbucks Coffee and an Au Bon Pain restaurant. The building is anchored by West Madison Street, West Washington Street, North Jefferson Street and North Clinton streets. Upon its completion in 2003, the green colored building added style to the otherwise bare West Loop. The building has a total of 29 floors that span 453 feet. Cost are estimated to have been near $387 million dollars (US). It took approximately 3 years to erect. It goal was to comprise all office workers in Chicago from the five buildings the company occupied previous to the construction of the Plaza.

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