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Height253 feet

About Ohio Savings Plaza

The Ohio Savings Plaza, officially known as the AmTrust Bank Center, is a commercial high-rise building in Cleveland, Ohio. The building rises 253 feet (77 m) in Downtown Cleveland. It contains 17 floors, and was completed in 1969. The Ohio Savings Plaza currently stands as the 29th-tallest building in the city, tied in rank with the Penton Media Building and Ameritech Center. The architect who designed the building was George S. Ryder. The Ohio Savings Plaza was built to serve as the headquarters of the Ohio Savings Bank, one of the oldest saving and loan groups in Ohio. The bank changed its name to AmTrust Bank in April 2007, which led to the Ohio Sacings Plaza being officially renamed the AmTrust Bank Center. The building also currently serves as the headquarters of the W.D. Brown General Agency, which moved its 95 employees into the building in October 1993.

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