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Height221 feet

About Society for Savings Building

The Society for Savings Building, also known as the Society Corp. Building, is a high-rise building on Public Square in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, United States. The building was constructed in 1889, and stood as the tallest building in Cleveland until 1896, when it was surpassed by the 221-foot (67 m) Guardian Bank Building. The building stands 152 feet (46 m) tall, with 10 floors. The Society for Savings Building is often considered to be the first modern skyscraper in Cleveland and the state of Ohio. It was designed by John Wellborn Root of the Chicago-based architectural firm Burnham & Root. The Society for Savings Building was designed with a combination of Gothic, Romanesque, and Renaissance architectural styles. It containins elements of each in its granite pillars, arched window frames and red sandstone facade. The Society for Savings Building was constructed to serve as office space for Cleveland's Society for Savings. Though structurally complete in late 1889, the building did not officially open until June 23, 1890. The building was at the time dubbed "Ohio's skyscraper" by locals, as it was the first modern high-rise building to be constructed in the city and the state.

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