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Attributed to wikipedia user Drumguy8800
Attributed to wikipedia user Drumguy8800
Height922 feet

About Bank of America Plaza

Bank of America Plaza is a 72-story late-modernist skyscraper located in the Main Street District of downtown Dallas, Texas. Standing at a structural height of 921 ft (281 m), it is the tallest skyscraper in the city of Dallas. It is also the third tallest in Texas and the 21st tallest in the United States, while also being the 53rd tallest building in the world. It contains 1,900,000 sq ft (177,000 m) of office space. The building was designed by JPJ Architects, Inc. and Bramalea LTD. under the direction of Doug Salter of Denver. The original owner was a joint venture arraingement including Prudential Insurance, Bramalea, LTD and InterFirst Bank. Construction began in 1983 and finished in 1985. The building's outline is accented at night by green argon lighting that runs along all of the building's edges. The skyscraper was one of the first buildings in the United States to receive the Energy Star award for electrical efficiency. The top two floors functions as a broadcast communications tower using the building itself as a broadcast tower structure.

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