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Attributed to wikipedia user Andrew Jameson
Attributed to wikipedia user Andrew Jameson

About Chase Tower

Chase Tower is a high-rise office building located at 611 Woodward Avenue, in downtown Detroit, Michigan. It was built in 1959 and stands at 14 floors in height. It was designed in the modern architectural style, and uses a great deal of marble to coordinate with the buildings in the nearby Civic Center. It was designed by Albert Kahn Associates. The Chase Tower stands on the site of Detroit's first skyscraper, the Hammond Building. The ground floor of this building is a massive 1.5-story glass sheathed, banking hall. The building was officially renamed 'Chase Tower' in late April 2006 to reflect Chase Bank's buyout of Bank One. In March 2007, the Sterling Group purchased the tower from JP Morgan Chase. Occupancy was approximately 50 percent at the time of sale. The building has had 3 official names now, for each of the 3 successive banks that have owned it: National Bank of Detroit (NBD), succeeded by Bank One, and lastly Chase. The building has gone by several names in the past, most notably: Bank One Center, National Bank of Detroit Building, and Bank One Building.

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