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Historic American Buildings Survey, Survey number HABS MI-335
Historic American Buildings Survey, Survey number HABS MI-335

About Hotel Tuller

The Hotel Tuller once stood at Adams Avenue West, Bagley Street, and Park Avenue across from Grand Circus Park in downtown Detroit, Michigan. It was one of the largest luxury hotels in Detroit, and the first one to be erected in the Grand Circus Park Historic District. The hotel was known as the "grand dame of Grand Circus Park." The site is now the location of a gravel parking lot next to the United Artists Theatre Building. Composer Gerald Marks' band, the Gerald Marks's Hotel Tuller Orchestra, was based at the hotel. The band made several commercially successful recordings for Columbia Records in the mid-1920s. The Hotel Tuller was originally constructed in 1906 by Lew Whiting Tuller. The hotel originally had nine floors; four additional floors were added in 1914. An Annex to the west of the original building was added by 1923, and it was a popular site for conventions and banquets. A final addition was made in 1929, bring in the room count to 800, each with a private bath. Even by the 1920s, the Tuller had a difficult time competing with other Detroit hotels, and in the 1930s, the Tuller went bankrupt and was purchased by another owner.

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