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Attributed to wikipedia user Andrew Jameson
Attributed to wikipedia user Andrew Jameson

About Lawyer Building

The Lawyers Building is the name of an office building in downtown Detroit, Michigan, standing at 137 Cadillac Square. It is also known as the American Title Building. THs building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. The Lawyers Building was built in 1922, the first building erected by John J. Barlum and his family in their rebuilding of the Cadillac Square area. The building originally catered to middle class level tenants, including many unions and benevolent organizations. The Lawyers Building was designed in the Chicago School architectural style, and is constructed of reinforced concrete and steel faced with terra cotta. It stands at 10 floors in height, featuring regular bays with grouped wood casement windows with metal spandrel panels. It was one of the few office buildings of the time that strove for modernism over ornamentation. It is currently the finest nearly unaltered Chicago-style highrise in Detroit; the only change made to the building is the modern marble ground-level storefront.

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