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Attributed to wikipedia user Mikerussell
Attributed to wikipedia user Mikerussell
Height174 feet

About Metropolitan Building

The Metropolitan Building is a high-rise office building located on a triangular lot at 33 John R Street in downtown Detroit, Michigan, near Grand Circus Park. The building was built in 1924 and finished in 1925. It stands at 15 stories and was once occupied by shops, offices, and the facilities of jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers. It has been known as the "Jeweler's Building". Architects Weston and Ellington designed it in a Neo-Gothic style. It is made mainly with brick, granite, and is sheathed in terra cotta. The Metropolitan Building closed in 1977. It is listed by the city as a planned development for lofts. In March of 2010 the Downtown Development Authority voted to install safety scaffolding and netting on the building to prevent parts of the facade from falling off.

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