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About Higgins Building

The Higgins Building is a proto-Modernist building located in downtown Los Angeles, California. Built and owned by Thomas Higgins, an Irish American in 1909, the building was originally used for office space and years later was transformed into downtown lofts. The architects were Albert C. Martin, Sr. and A.L. Haley. The Higgins Building also houses one of Los Angeles' premier nightclubs in its basement, The Edison, which opened in 2007. The Higgins Building basement originally was L.A.'s first ever power plant, built by Thomas Higgins. After spending many years derelict and underwater, it was finally rescued by entrepreneurs Andrew Meieran and Marc Smith, who created a post-industrial steampunk venue for Los Angeles bar-goers. It housed the Los Angeles County Engineer Department for many years. This 10-story Beaux-Arts style building was designated as a historical monument by the City as Historic-Cultural Monument #873.

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