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Attributed to wikipedia user Minnaert
Attributed to wikipedia user Minnaert
Height723 feet

About Wells Fargo Center

The Wells Fargo Center is an high-rise office complex located in downtown Los Angeles, California, United States. The complex includes two towers: the Wells Fargo Tower and KPMG Tower, which are connected by a three story glass clad atrium. It won the 1986-1987 and 2003-2004 Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) ‘Office Building of the Year’ award and numerous other awards. The Wells Fargo Tower, at 723ft (220m) it is the taller building of the complex. It has 54 floors and is the 7th tallest building in the Los Angeles, and the 92nd-tallest building in the United States. When it opened in 1983, it was known as the Crocker Tower, named after San Francisco-based Crocker National Bank. Crocker merged with Wells Fargo in 1986. When the Wells Fargo Tower was being erected, its construction was featured in the 1983 movie Blue Thunder. The top upper floors were not completed during filming, so Roy Scheider's character shot a helicopter chasing him from the unfinished top floor. The KPMG Tower is 560ft (171m) tall. It was completed in 1983 and has 45 floors. It is the 16th tallest building in the city.

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