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Height806 feet

About The Capital at Brickell Tower Complex

Capital at Brickell will be a complex of two skyscrapers in the City of Miami, Florida, United States. It will be located in Downtown's Brickell Financial District on South Miami Avenue near 12th Street. The complex is currently under construction, and is expected to open in 2011. The complex consists of two towers made up of residential, office, a hotel and retail, Capital at Brickell Tower I and Capital at Brickell Tower II. Tower II will be the taller one, rising to a height of 806 feet (246 m). Tower I will be 607 feet (185 m) tall, and will be located to the south of Tower II. Tower I will be 53 floors and Tower II will have 57 floors. Although not the tallest buildings currently under construction in Miami, which is experiencing a Manhattanization wave, the towers are some of the more striking architecturally. Both towers will be reminiscent of the Chrysler Building in New York City. The tops of the buildings will be especially similar, with the "crown" at the top of each builidng and a similar spire. The towers are part of the recent push to build more skyscrapers in the West Brickell area of Miami, which does not border Biscayne Bay as does most of Downtown.

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