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Height470 feet

About 303 East 51st Street

303 East 51st Street is a skyscraper currently on-hold status in the Turtle Bay neighborhood in New York, New York. The residential building is planned to rise 504 ft (154 m) with 44 floors. The building was under construction when on Saturday, March 15, 2008, the luffing-jib tower crane, owned by New York Crane & Equipment, used to construct the skyscraper snapped off and fell, killing seven people in what Mayor Michael Bloomberg called the worst construction accident in New York City in recent history. The original design for the skyscraper was a 40-story building that stood 470 feet (143.3 m) tall. On December 19, 2007, during the building's construction, the developer decided to scale up the building slightly to 44 stories for 117 residential units and 504 ft (154 m) tall. The exterior of the skyscraper will be clad in silverly glass and there will be many angled balconies extending out from the building. Even before the crane accident in March, the New York Department of Buildings issued 13 safety violations for construction site and contractor, with two of those citations being serious.

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