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Attributed to wikipedia user Jim.henderson
Attributed to wikipedia user Jim.henderson

About 41 Park Row

41 Park Row, often called the New York Times Building is located near New York City Hall in the New York City borough of Manhattan, was the longtime home of The New York Times, until it moved to Longacre Square, now known as Times Square. As of 2008, the building still stands as the oldest of the surviving buildings of what was once "Newspaper Row" and is owned by Pace University The newspaper's first building was located at 113 Nassau Street in New York City. In 1854, it moved to 138 Nassau Street, and in 1858 it moved to a building on 41 Park Row, making it the first newspaper in New York City housed in a building built specifically for its use. The original building constructed for the Times was a five-story structure in the Romanesque revival style, designed by Thomas R. Jackson, that occupied the site of the Brick Presbyterian Church. The 1851 building, located across from City Hall and dwarfing that of Horace Greeley's New York Tribune, was described by the Times in 2001 as "a declaration that the newspaper regarded itself as a powerful institution in civic life.... No politician standing on the broad steps of City Hall could fail to note the newspaper's presence.

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