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Height650 feet

About Chanin Building

The Chanin Building is a brick and terra cotta skyscraper located at 122 East 42nd Street, at the corner of Lexington Avenue, in Manhattan. Built by Irwin S. Chanin in 1929, it is 56 stories high, reaching 197.8 metres (649 ft) excluding the spire and 207.3 metres (680 ft) including it. It was designed by Sloan & Robertson in the Art Deco style,, with the assistance of Chanin's own architect Jacques Delamarre, and it incorporates architectural sculpture by Rene Paul Chambellan. The base of the building boasts black Belgian marble around the store fronts with a bronze frieze directly above depicting scenes of evolution. A second terra-cotta frieze runs the whole length of the lower facade presenting a dramatic collection of angular zigzags and curvy leaves. The tower rises 22 stories and then thins into a series of setbacks reaching a total of 56 floors. The top of the building is a series of buttresses that are illuminated from the inside at night lighting up the recesses in the crown. In the lobbies, eight bronze reliefs designed by Rene Paul Chambellan perch above ornate bronze radiator grilles.

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