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Creator:Irving Underhill
Creator:Irving Underhill
Height391 feet

About Park Row Building

First known as the Ivins Syndicate Building, or just the Syndicate Building, the Park Row Building is located on Park Row in the Financial District of the New York City borough of Manhattan. It is also known simply as 15 Park Row. The architect was Robert Henderson Robertson, a pioneer in steel skyscraper design. One of the first structures to be called a skyscraper, the building was completed in 1899 after three years of construction. The builder was William Mills Ivins, a prominent lawyer and former judge advocate general for New York State. He headed a syndicate of investors, which most likely gave root to the building's original name. At 391 ft (119.2m) tall, it was the tallest office building in the world from 1899 until 1908, when it was surpassed by the Singer Building. In 1901, an announced building project by Aetna, to be located at 33rd Street and Broadway, would have overtaken Park Row as the tallest office building at 455 feet (139 m) high, but it was never built. The building is 29 stories tall, with 26 full floors and two, three-story cupolas. It has a frontage of 103 ft (31 m) on Park Row, 23 on Ann Street and 48 feet (15 m) on Theater Alley.

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