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Mister Pitt

About Potter Building

The Potter Building is an iron-framed office building located at 35-38 Park Row in Manhattan, NY. Commissioned by Orlando B. Potter and designed by Norris G. Starkweather, it was constructed from 1883 to 1886. It replaced one of the New York World's former buildings which burned down in 1882 doing more than $400,000 in damage. The facade was constructed of brick and terracotta, which was chosen by Potter due to its fire resistance and low cost. This soon led to terracotta becoming a popular element in other New York skyscrapers. It was a revolutionary structure in that it was virtually fireproof, made possible by the iron frame and the terracotta, and was the first use of fire-protected steel frame. The old Potter Building, or the World Building, was completed in 1857 and was the New York World's first headquarters. However, fire broke out in the building around 10:00 PM on January 31, 1882 and destroyed much of the block within a few hours.

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