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Attributed to wikipedia user Oakland_Skyline_and_Lake_Merritt.jpg

About Alameda County Superior Court

The Alameda County Superior Court is the California Superior Court located in Oakland, California with jurisdiction over the entire Alameda County. The original courthouse was established on June 6, 1853 in Alvarado, California (a part of present-day Union City). After the county seat moved to Oakland (first to San Leandro), a new courthouse was built in 1875, locating near Oakland's Washington Square. However, the building quickly fell into disrepair by the mid-1920s to a point where bailiffs had to hold umbrellas for judges due to leaks. On April 3, 1934, county residents voted overwhelming in support for a bond initiative to build a new county courthouse. The new building was built on the edge of Lake Merritt, where it still stands today. The old courthouse was demolished in 1949.

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