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About Harbor Village Resort

The Harbor Village Resort was a proposed complex of three skyscrapers intended for San Francisco's India Basin in the Bayview-Hunters Point district. To be located on Hudson Street, the mixed-use complex would have consisted of a 250-boat marina and three 61 story skyscrapers towering 650 feet (198 m) over the marina. The three towers, to be named Harbor Village Resort I, II & III, would be spaced 300 ft (91 m) apart. The entire complex was envisioned to contain 1,600 three or four bedroom residences. If built, the three 650 foot (198 m) skyscrapers would tower significantly taller than any current structure in the neighborhood. The project was proposed in 2004 by developer John Hickey and met with a combination of "disbelief" and skepticism by neighbors and city planners . Hickey, however, was convicted of fraud in 2005 and sent to prison in 2007 for swindling 700 investors out of $18.5 million . The project was never built.

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