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Height1200 feet

About San Francisco Transbay Supertalls

The San Francisco Transbay development plan consists of three supertall skyscrapers and ten other skyscrapers and highrises proposed in San Francisco. The towers are proposed to fund the replacement of the San Francisco Transbay Terminal in the South of Market neighborhood near the Financial District. The supertalls comprise only three of the 13 towers of the Transbay Project. Five of the 13 towers are part of Renzo Piano's complex and the other eight are Transbay Towers. Two other proposals named 181 Fremont Street and 350 Mission Street are proposed projects part of the Transbay Project. Two of the supertall skyscrapers named Renzo Piano Tower I and Renzo Piano Tower II are set to rise 366 m or 1,200 ft. and contain 101 floors. The twin supertall terra-cotta towers of the five-tower complex will be located at First and Mission Streets. The entire five-tower complex will be designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano. These buildings will tower 347 feet (106 m) over the Transamerica Pyramid, which is the tallest in San Francisco. Adjoining the twin supertalls are two 900-foot (274 m) towers and one 600-foot (183 m) tower in a dense tower complex said to resemble bamboo shoots.

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