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Attributed to wikipedia user Altairisfar
Attributed to wikipedia user Altairisfar
Height36 feet

About Liberty National Life Complex

The Liberty National Life Complex, is a corporate office complex located in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. The complex is made up of two connecting buildings. The original building was built in 1925 and contains 10 stories. The second building, a 16 story building, was originally built in 1952 as a 10 story building, but was expanded in 1971 by six stories. The complex served as the corporate headquarters of Torchmark Corporation and its predecessor company, Liberty National Life, from 1925 until 2006. The building still is the corporate headquarters of Torchmark's subsidiaries Liberty National Life Insurance Company and United Investors Life Insurance Company. It also contains a large number of Torchmark employees. The original 10 story building, built in 1925 contained, a replica of the Statue of Liberty located on a pedestal at the top of the building. The 36-foot (11 m) tall statue was moved to the Urban Center, an office complex off of Interstate 459 in Liberty Park, Alabama in 1989. Liberty Park is a commercial, residential and retail development between Torchmark Development Company and Drummond Company.

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