Skyscrapers Cities Boston 111 Huntington Avenue

Height554 feet

About 111 Huntington Avenue

111 Huntington Avenue (sometimes given the unofficial nickname "The R2-D2 Building" ) is one of Boston's newest skyscrapers and is part of the Prudential Center complex that also houses the Prudential Tower. Completed in 2002, the tower is 554 feet (169 meters) tall and houses 36 floors. The building is the tallest skyscraper built in Boston since 1987. 111 Huntington is Boston's eighth-tallest building. It won the 2002 bronze Emporis Skyscraper Award. The tower's busy footprint rises and culminates in an open frame dome and crown which is illuminated at night. The building originally was designed with a flat roof, but Boston Mayor Menino disapproved, saying, "Guys, flat roofs don’t make it." Menino chose the present roof out of a set of options the developer subsequently proffered. The lobby interior consists of reflective black marble walls with finished wood paneling and can be accessed from the adjacent Prudential retail mall. The building has two main stairways at its core along with two freight elevators. Both cover all floors including the basement parking garage area, where there are two additional levels called P1 and P2.

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