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About 100 North Central Expressway

100 North Central Expressway is a mid-rise Class B skyscraper located on the eastern edge of the Main Street District of downtown Dallas, Texas (USA). The 12 story office building, located between Main Street and Elm Street along North Central Expressway, was announced in 1958 as the new home for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. During construction in 1958 a stack of steel beams tumbled sixty feet to the basement level, killing one worker and injury two others. Despite the setback, the building opened for business in June of 1960 and featured a curtain wall and masonry exterior and attached 7 story parking garage. Blue Cross Blue Shield's 450 employees occupied the upper levels of the building, while lower levels were leased to other companies. The twelfth floor contained an employee cafeteria-auditorium. The building's location gave it prominence on the eastern edge of the downtown business district as it was mostly surrounded by low-rise early commercial structures.

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