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About Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building is located in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, at the corner of Houston and West 9th streets. At the time of its completion in 1907 it was one of city's the first steel frame buildings and the tallest building in north Texas. Fort Worth's Flatiron Building was commissioned by local physician Dr. Bacon Saunders, who reserved the top floor for his offices, at a cost of $70,000. The building was to be located on a flatiron shaped corner and was originally known as Saunders' Triangle Building. Early in the construction nearby merchants complained about the shadow that such a tall structure would cast over the downtown area, but their objections were eventually pacified by thoughts of the publicity the building would bring and Police Chief Maddox's promise to watch the construction site lest strong winds bring the girders down on them. William Jenkins Worth, the man for whom the city of Fort Worth is named, is buried at the base of Manhattan's Flatiron Building, which inspired the design of the Fort Worth building. The building was designed by Fort Worth's top architectural firm Sanguinet and Staats in the renaissance revival style.

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