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Height452 feet

About AT&T Center

The AT&T Center, formerly called the SBC Tower, Transamerica Building, and Occidental Life Building, is a 452ft (138m) tall skyscraper in South Park, Los Angeles, California. Built to house the offices and computer center of the Occidental Life Insurance Company, it was completed in 1965 and has 32 floors. It is 32nd tallest building in Los Angeles, and was the 2nd tallest (after the Los Angeles City Hall) when it was completed. The International styled building was designed by William Pereira & Associates. The building is part of a 12-acre (49,000 m) complex originally called Occidental Center which includes a 225,000-square-foot (20,900 m) building at 1149 S. Broadway, a 300,000-square-foot (28,000 m) building on Hill Street, three parking decks with 3,500 spots, and a 6-acre (24,000 m) plot on the corner of Eleventh and Olive Streets. The three buildings are connected by underground pedestrian tunnels. Canyon-Johnson Realty Advisors bought the entire complex in April 2003 for $88 million. After they bought it, they converted the least occupied building into below market-rate apartments.

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