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Height446 feet

About University Club Tower

University Club Tower is a condominium tower in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At 446 feet, the tower is the tallest residential building in Wisconsin and third tallest building overall, in Milwaukee (and Wisconsin). It is located in Milwaukee's East Town neighborhood adjacent to the shoreline of Lake Michigan. The originally planned tower was designed by Santiago Calatrava (who had just designed the Milwaukee Art Museum) in 2001 and was to have only 25 stories. That plan was cancelled due to a concerns about parking and its potential to obstruct views of the lake from existing buildings (a problem which has stopped the development of a number of towers in Downtown Milwaukee in recent years). However, the project for the current, taller tower was revived in June 2002 and ground was broken two years later. The tower is built on land owned by the University Club of Milwaukee. It is also adjacent with and connected to the Club, and the Tower's state-of-the-art health center serves as the health center for club members.

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