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Attributed to wikipedia user Nehrams2020
Attributed to wikipedia user Nehrams2020
Height412 feet

About Advanced Equities Plaza

Advanced Equities Plaza is the 13th tallest building in San Diego, California and is a prominent fixture in San Diego's skyline. Tied with The Pinnacle Museum Tower, it has a height of 412 ft (126 m). Located in the Marina district of Downtown San Diego, Advanced Equities Plaza is a 23-story building that utilizes the postmodern architectural style and was designed by the architect firm Carrier Johnson Architects. Advanced Equities Plaza finished construction of the 380,000 sq ft (35,300 m²) skyscraper in 2005. Previously named Broadway 655, Advanced Equities changed the name to Advanced Equities Plaza after signing a 10-year lease on the building. The company uses three floors of the 23-story skyscraper. In July 2007, the building was sold by Broadway Tower 655, LLC to Wereldhave USA for $210 million. Robert V. Lankford of Lankford & Associates, Inc. was the managing partner of the original development entity, Broadway Tower 655, LLC.

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