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Height1175 feet

About Trans National Place

Trans National Place, also known as 115 Winthrop Square, is a proposed supertall skyscraper in Boston, Massachusetts. Original designs were completed by architect Renzo Piano, who later left the project in March 2007. Trans National Place was intended to stand as the tallest building in Boston, Massachusetts, and New England, surpassing the 60-story John Hancock Tower by 15 stories and at least 210 feet (64 meters) to become the tallest building in the city. The developer is local businessman Steve Belkin, who also owns an adjoining mid-rise building, which would be torn down. Construction was originally scheduled to begin in 2008, with the opening taking place in 2011. However, given the FAA's recent objection to Trans National Place's proposed height, the tower's construction process has been stalled. On May 15, 2008, the Federal Aviation Administration objected to the building's proposed height, deeming the structure a possible flight obstruction to the air traffic of nearby Logan International Airport.

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