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Height870 feet

About 29 South LaSalle

29 South LaSalle is a proposed 51 story skyscraper in Chicago, Illinois designed by Lucien Lagrange Architects. It would stand at 870 feet (265 m). This project would include a "renovation", and facdectomy of the adjacent New York Life Insurance Building. 29 S. LaSalle was at one time the site of the Equitable building, formerly known as the National Life building, built in 1902. It was 12 stories and one basement high, on spread foundations. Jennie and Mundie were the architects. In 1940 a new street facade and other major alterations were made by Holabird & Root Architects. (From History of the Development of Building Construction in Chicago, Frank Randall, Univ of IL Press, 1949) The entrance to the building can be clearly identified in the movie The Dark Knight during an action scene where Batman flips his motorcycle in front of the building's address.

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