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Photo by Ryan Cramer
Photo by Ryan Cramer
Height600 feet

About CNA Plaza

CNA Center is a 600-foot (183 m), 44-story high-rise building located at 333 South Wabash Avenue in Chicago. CNA Center is a simple, rectangular International Style building, but it is unique in that the entire building is painted bright red, turning an otherwise ordinary-looking structure into one of the most eye-catching buildings in the city. It was designed by the firm of Graham, Anderson, Probst & White and was completed in 1972. The red design was used to depict the sun setting over the ocean as illustrated by the red imagery to the west of Lake Michigan. Originally known as Continental Center III (in reference to the original moniker of CNA Financial Corporation, Continental National American Group, both CNA Center (formerly CNA Plaza) and the neighboring CNA Center North (Continental Center II, built in 1962) adjoined and were painted red. The shorter red building was later restored to its original gray tone. The two buildings remain joined at the second floor: CNA's Conference Center uses space on that floor, but all entrance and egress to it is through CNA Center. In 1999, a large fragment of a window fell from the building and killed a woman walking with her child.

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