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Height653 feet

About UBS Tower

One North Wacker, formerly UBS Tower is a 199 m (653 ft) skyscraper located at One North Wacker Drive in Chicago, Illinois. The 50 story structure, started in 1999 and completed in the spring of 2002, was designed by Lohan Associates (now Goettsch Partners) with developer the John Buck Company to accommodate the needs of UBS groups such as UBS Warburg, UBS PaineWebber, UBS Global Asset Management and UBS O’Connor in a single building. The UBS Tower was the first large multi-tenant tower to be constructed in Chicago for 6 years since 1993. The tower's most eye-catching feature is its main lobby. The lobby's glass wall was a first in the United States. The 40-foot (12 m) wall was made out of 5'x5' glass panes attached to a system of medallions and cable. This cable system was tested at pressures above 150 psf, or a wind speed of nearly 250 mph. The glass itself is also noteworthy- an optical interference anti-reflective glass (designed by Schott AG) with an unusually low surface reflectivity of 1% is used. This imbues the lobby with an almost transparent appearance. Exterior landscaping was designed by the Berkeley, Calif.

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