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Attributed to wikipedia user Mikerussell
Attributed to wikipedia user Mikerussell

About Detroit Athletic Club

The Detroit Athletic Club, sometimes called the DAC, is an athletic club in the heart of Detroit's theater, sports, and entertainment district designed by Albert Kahn and inspired by Rome's Palazzo Farnese. Clubs of this type usually maintain reciprocal agreements for their members worldwide. These clubs typically have athletic training facilities, swimming pools, recreation, fine restaurants, elegant ballrooms, guest rooms for members, and exclusive member services. Members may include executives and professional athletes. Ty Cobb is among the athletes to have been a member of the DAC. The building is visible beyond center field from Comerica Park. Over the years, the Detroit Athletic Club has provided financial assistance and training opportunities for a number of amateur athletes preparing for the Olympic Games. At the 1956 U.S. Olympic Team Trials, springboard divers Jeanne Stunyo (a native of Gary, Indiana) and Mackenzie High School graduate Barbara Gilders-Dudeck were sponsored by the DAC. Stunyo and Gilders-Dudeck qualified for the Summer Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia.

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