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Height619 feet

About One Detroit Center

One Detroit Center, also known as Comerica Tower at Detroit Center after its tenant, is a skyscraper and class-A office building located downtown which overlooks the Detroit Financial District. Rising 619 feet (189 m), the 43-story tower is the tallest office building in Michigan, and the second tallest overall in the state behind the central hotel tower of the Renaissance Center, located a few blocks away. Although the Penobscot Building has more floors (45 above-ground floors compared to 43), One Detroit Center's floors are taller, with its roof sitting roughly 60 feet (18 m) taller than Penobscot's. Its floor area is 1,674,708 square feet (155,585 m). The building was designed by noted architects John Burgee & Philip Johnson, partners influential in postmodern architecture. One Detroit Center was constructed from 1991 to 1993. It houses numerous other tenants, including many prominent Detroit law firms, and other banks. Some, however, have expressed concern over the building's lack of exterior lighting at night, in contrast to the easily identifiable orb of the nearby Penobscot Building. In addition to retail, the building also contains a restaurant.

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