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Height268 feet

About Hyatt Regency Indianapolis

Hyatt Regency Indianapolis, also known as National City Center, is a mixed use high-rise in Indianapolis, Indiana. The building rises 22 floors and 268 feet (82 m) in height, and is currently the 17th-tallest building in the city. The structure was completed in 1977, and was designed by architectural firm Browning Day Pollak Associates. The building currently is home to a 535-room Hyatt Regency hotel and commercial offices; a revolving restaurant is also located on the building's top floor in a small circular tower elevated from the main roof of the building. The Hyatt Regency Indianapolis is the tallest mixed use building in the city, and the tallest building in the city located south of Washington Street. To allow for the construction of the Hyatt Regency, a full-block building, several shorter high-rises were demolished; among these were the Lincoln Hotel and the D. Sommers & Company Building.

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