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Attributed to wikipedia user Minnaert
Attributed to wikipedia user Minnaert
Height699 feet

About City National Plaza

City National Plaza is a twin tower high-rise complex located in downtown Los Angeles, California, United States. The complex includes two towers: City National Tower and Paul Hastings Tower. The towers held the crown of tallest buildings in Los Angeles for one year before being overtaken by the Aon Center. City National Plaza is located on the site of the Art Deco Richfield Tower, designed by Morgan-Walls and Stiles O. Clements in the 1920s. Completed in 1972 as the world headquarters for ARCO, City National Plaza was the first major business center in downtown Los Angeles. The towers are constructed of steel frames covered with polished panels of forest green granite and panes of bronze glass. At one time ARCO had its headquarters in the Paul Hastings Tower.

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