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Height549 feet

About AEGON Center

The AEGON Center is a skyscraper in Downtown, Louisville, Kentucky and located at 400 West Market Street. The 35-story, 549-foot (167 m) high structure was designed by architect John Burgee with Philip Johnson and was completed in 1993 at the cost of $100 million (USD). The building, originally named Capital Holding Center, was later renamed Providian Center and is now named AEGON Center. Currently the tallest building in the state of Kentucky, the building is constructed of reinforced concrete, as opposed to the steel construction usual for buildings of its height. A distinctive feature of the building is the 80-foot (24 m) high Romanesque dome which reflects the buildings original name of Capital Holding that is illuminated from the interior at night. The uppermost floors of the building are also illuminated at night. The AEGON Center's lighting is changed from the usual white to a combination of red and green from Thanksgiving Day until New Year's Day. AEGON Center has 633,650 square feet (58,868 m²) of leaseable space for office and 18,787 square feet (1,745 m²) for retail.

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