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Height609 feet

About Epic-Dupont Complex

is an urban residential skyscraper in Miami, Florida. Part of the complex is currently under construction while part of it is planned. The planned portion has recently been approved by the City of Miami and the Federal Aviation Administration, and construction has begun as well on the Epic portion of the complex. Dupont broke ground in the spring of 2007. Construction is expected to be complete in mid 2008. The complex was planned to have two towers: the and the , but the taller of the two, Dupont Tower, was canceled. If it had been built, the Dupont Tower would have stood 609 ft (186 m) tall and contain 60 floors. The Epic Tower, which is currently under construction, will be 500 ft (152 m) tall and will have 48 floors. The complex will be located on the north bank of the Miami River in downtown's Central Business District. It is bordered by Biscayne Boulevard Way on the west, Southeast 2nd Street to the north, the Miami River to the south, and Southeast 5th Avenue to the east. The architect of the complex is Revuelta Vega Leon. The will be named after the Alfred I. DuPont Building, a National Historic Building from the 1930s that is also in Miami.

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