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Height736 feet

About Infinity II

Infinity II will be a skyscraper in the City of Miami, Florida, United States. It will be located in Downtown's southern Brickell Financial District, and will rank in the top ten tallest buildings in Miami. When completed, it will be 736 feet (224 m) tall, and will have 65 floors. The building will contain 21,450 square feet (1,993 m) of Class A office space, and will have 11,568 square feet (1,075 m²) of retail, which will occupy the lower floors of the building. 589 residential units will be located between floors 45 and 65. The tower is being constructed on the east side of South Miami Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets, less than three blocks from the Four Seasons Tower, the current tallest building in Miami.

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