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About Lynx Complex

The Lynx Complex will be a complex of skyscrapers in Downtown Miami, Florida, United States. When completed, it will contain five buildings over 600 feet (180 m) and each over 50 stories. The two tallest buildings in the complex have been approved by the city council and the Federal Aviation Administration, and construction has not yet begun. The tallest building in the complex, the Lynx Central West Tower, will rise 746 feet (227 m) and 76 floors. Its floor total will match Met 3 and Brickell CitiCentre II as the most in Miami. The Lynx Central East Tower, which will be located immediately adjacent to the Bank of America Tower, will be 678 feet (207 m) tall with 70 floors. Both are expected to be completed in late 2009. The complex, unlike other recent high-rise projects in Miami, will be built in the center of the Central Business District, not near Biscayne Bay. Because of this, it will be flanked by other skyscrapers on all sides and will not be a prominent point in the skyline when looking at Miami from the east, with the exception of the tops of the towers. The Bank of America Tower and the Third Street Metro Station will both be within a few blocks of the complex.

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