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Attributed to wikipedia user Averette
Attributed to wikipedia user Averette
Height460 feet

About One Miami

One Miami is a complex of two adjacent skyscrapers in downtown Miami, Florida named One Miami East Tower and One Miami West Tower. It consists of two towers located at the Miami River delta, where the river empties into Biscayne Bay. The East Tower is the taller of the two, at 460 ft (140 m). It contains 44 floors, and was completed in 2005. The West Tower is 449 ft (137 m) tall, and contains 45 floors. It, too, was completed in 2005. The complex was one of the first announced in the recent Miami building boom, but the construction process was slow, as the buildings took over five years to be completed. The complex is located on South Biscayne Boulevard and Southeast 3rd Street. The buildings are 100% residential, consisting of condominiums. However, the entire complex is not 100% residential. A restaurant is featured on the ground floor at the entrance to the towers.

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