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Attributed to wikipedia user Jim.henderson
Attributed to wikipedia user Jim.henderson

About Bennett Building

The Bennett Building is a landmark building located on Fulton Street in lower Manhattan, New York City. The building, constructed in 1872-1873 and enlarged 1890-92 and 1894, is considered to be a major monument to the art of cast-iron architecture. The 10 story structure features three fully designed facades fronting on Ann, Fulton and Nassau Streets. The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission designated the Bennett Building as a landmark on01995-11-21 November 21, 1995. The building was commissioned as a real estate investment by the James Gordon Bennett, Jr., publisher of the New York Herald Newspaper. Arthurt D. Gillman, architect of Boston's City Hall, designed the original six story French Second Empire structure. In 1889 the building was acquired by John Petit who commissioned John M. Farnsworth to enlarge it to its present size. Today the Bennett Building is notable as one of the few remaining post Civil War office buildings in lower Manhattan and one of only two cast-iron fronted buildings south of Canal Street from the period.

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