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About Helmsley Building

The Helmsley Building is a 35-story located at 230 Park Avenue in New York City. Before the erection of the Pan Am Building, now the MetLife Building, this building stood out over the city's second most prestigious avenue as it was the tallest structure in the great "Terminal City" complex around Grand Central Terminal designed by Warren & Wetmore. The building was designated a New York City Landmark in 1987. Before the electrification of the New York Central Railroad in 1912-1913, the neighborhood north of Grand Central Terminal was one of open-air railway yards and tracks used by steam locomotives. The electrification and subsequent covering of the yards enabled the continuation of Park Avenue to the north and the construction of new buildings (with curious foundations). Among them was the New York Central Building. In 1929, the New York Central Railroad Company built their 34-story headquarters at 230 Park Ave., New York City, New York. In 1913, New York Central bore a concept for a visual termination point in the city.

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