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Michael McDonough
Michael McDonough
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About HLW International

HLW is an international architecture and design consultancy, with headquarters in New York City, with offices in Los Angeles, London and Shanghai. It is one of the longest-lived firms in the United States, tracing its beginnings to 1885 in New York. The firm traces its origins to 1885, when Cyrus L.W. Eidlitz worked on the design of the Metropolitan Telephone Buildings on Cortlandt Street in Manhattan. Eidlitz was the son of noted architect and a founder of the American Institute of Architects Leopold Eidlitz and nephew of Marc Eidlitz, a major New York builder. The commission began the firm’s long association with what was to become the New York Telephone Company and, later, Verizon. Works as C.L.W. Eidlitz: Eidlitz formed a partnership with structural engineer Andrew C. McKenzie, establishing the firm of Eidlitz & McKenzie, to pioneer a new building design. With Andrew McKenzie, he formed one of the first architecture firms that put architects and engineers on equal footing. Eidlitz and McKenzie worked primarily on telephone buildings, a new building type in the period.

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