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Height449 feet

About Metropolitan Life North Building

The Metropolitan Life North Building is a 30-story art deco skyscraper in South Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Its address is 11-25 Madison Avenue. It borders East 24th Street, East 25th Street, Madison Avenue, and Park Avenue South. It replaced the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, which was designed by McKim, Mead and White and had been completed only thirteen years before. The building was designed in the 1920s by Harvey Wiley Corbett as a 100-story skyscraper that would be taller than the Empire State Building. However, due to the Stock Market Crash of 1929, the construction was halted at floor 29 in 1933. There is some speculation as to whether MetLife really intended to finish the 100-story tower, but the existing building was obviously constructed to be strong enough to support it. Currently, however, there are no known plans to "finish" the building. The original plans were to include a New York City Subway station. The station is now located 1 block south on 23rd Street with an entrance into the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower at One Madison Avenue. The building as it exists today was finally completed in 1950.

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