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Attributed to wikipedia user Jim.henderson
Attributed to wikipedia user Jim.henderson
Height715 feet

About Metropolitan Tower

The Metropolitan Tower is a 77-story, 716 ft (218 m) residential skyscraper in Manhattan, New York City, standing at 146 West 57th Street. The building has 235 apartment units. The tower could be described as an international style tower, but it was described as postmodern, because it features setbacks and triangular shapes, dark glass and a sculpted base. Construction started in 1984, and was finished in 1987. The tower caused minor discontent, because it blocked a minor sights of Central Park. Critics' attention would turn, after the appearance of its taller neighbors, such as the CitySpire Center in 1987 and the Carnegie Hall Tower in 1991. The Metropolitan Tower is less than 10 meters from Carnegie Hall Tower, separated by the Russian Tea Room. The tower has a slightly triangular floor plan, whose longer edge points to Central Park.

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