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architectural image taken by unknown individual before 1923 (public domain)
architectural image taken by unknown individual before 1923 (public domain)

About Morse Building

The Morse Building (also known as the Nassau-Beekman Building) is a former office tower located in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, New York. The structure, designed by Benjamin Silliman and James Farnsworth, originally stood at eight stories and was one of the city’s tallest buildings when construction was completed in 1880. Located just east of City Hall at the intersection of Beekman and Nassau streets in the former heart of the City’s newspaper industry, the Morse Building features an intricate façade made of deep red and black brick terra cotta that combines elements of Gothic and neo-Grec styles. The facade also incorporates elements of the “Rundbogenstil,” a German eclectic, mid-19th century style that combines Romanesque and Renaissance elements and is characterized by arcaded, round arches. The Morse Building serves as a great example of architectural technology and design techniques from the 1880's. G. Livingston Morse and Sidney E. Morse, both nephews of the famed inventor and creator of the electric telegraph, Samuel F.B. Morse, constructed the building for approximately $200,000.

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