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Height454 feet

About Trump International Hotel and Tower

Announced in 2006, Trump SoHo New York or just Trump SoHo will be a $450 million, 46 story, 391 unit hotel condominium. The building is located at 246 Spring Street, between Varick Street and Sixth Avenue, a few blocks west of the SoHo neighborhood in New York City. This is a region zoned for manufacturing, which precludes permanent residences. The condo-hotel design was approved after negotiations with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. As a hotel condominium, 391 dwelling units within the building will be privately owned, but no unit may "be occupied by the same person for more than 29 days in any 36-day period, or for more than 120 days a year." When not occupied by the owner, an empty unit may be rented out as a hotel suite. The building will feature a spa, a high-end restaurant and over 12,000 square feet (1,100 m) of conference and banquet facilities. The project is a collaboration between Trump, the Bayrock Group and Tamir Sapir. The building is being overseen by Donald Trump, his children Donald Trump, Jr.

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