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Height636 feet

About World Trade Square

World Trade Square is a proposed office complex to be built on a 5.5-acre (22,000 m) site in the Delaware Riverfront region of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The complex would consist of four high-rise buildings: Old City Harbor Tower I, Old City Harbor Tower II, Old City Harbor Tower III, and the Greater Philadelphia World Trade Center. The tallest buildings would be the Old City Harbor Towers II and III, which are planned as twin office skyscrapers that each rise 636 feet (194 m), with 37 floors. Old City Harbor Tower I is being planned as a residential tower, rising 435 ft (132 m), with 42 floors. The Greater Philadelphia World Trade Center would be the shortest of all four buildings, rising 324 ft (99 m), with 17 floors. The architectural firm who designed all four buildings was Alesker & Dundon Architects, and the project is being developed by Carl Marks Real Estate Group. The project is scheduled to be completed by 2010.

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