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Attributed to wikipedia user Murderbike
Attributed to wikipedia user Murderbike
Height722 feet

About Seattle Municipal Tower

The Seattle Municipal Tower is a 62-story skyscraper located at 700 5th Avenue at the corner of 5th Avenue and Columbia Street in downtown Seattle. Rising to a height of 220 meters (722 feet), it is the fourth tallest high-rise building in Seattle. At its completion in 1990, the building was known as the AT&T Gateway Tower. On 17 May 2004, its name was officially changed from the Key Bank Tower to the current moniker. The building is attached to the Seattle Civic Center complex and is owned by the city. The Municipal Tower currently houses many of the municipal government's offices including the Department of Planning and Development, Seattle City Light, Seattle Public Utilities, the Department of IT, Human Services Department, and the Office of Economic Development, amongst others. The Municipal Tower was designed by Bassetti Architects, who also designed Seattle's City Hall and the Jackson Federal Building. In the SMT's defense, its site has the challenge of straddling a freeway entrance ramp.

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